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About MX Filter Service

Take A Look Inside

MXFS is revolutionizing the way filters are cleaned. Here is  a quick video showing a behind the scenes of the MXFS HQ. Check out the video and continue though the tabs to better understand how the filter cleaning process works.

Preparing and Shipping

Sending Us Your Filters

MX Filter Service is designed to be the most seamless filter cleaning service available. Just gather all your dirty air filters. Click the order tab on our website and follow the simple online steps to create an order. Box up your dirty filters and mail them to our HQ, and you’re done!

Our Cleaning Process

Proper Filter Cleaning

When your order arrives at MX Filter Service HQ in Murrieta California, your filters are checked in and the service begins.

The filters begin by going through a 3 stage cleaning process;

1.  Shake wash with filter safe solution

2. Spin wash to extract solution

3. Two step finish wash (inside and out)

Extra care is even taken in the drying process. The cleaned filters are placed on racks in a proprietary drying room. Fans provide air movement for a drying process with no heat necessary.

Once the filter is completely dry, each filter is hand submerged into oil until complete oil saturation is accomplished.

Your rejuvenated filter is now ready to be reinstalled and properly protect your bike.

Quantity Discounts!

Qty 1-9    $7/ea

Qty 10-19    $6/ea

 Qty 20+    $5/ea

Take advantage of our discounted rates. Package friends and family’s filters together and save!

We pride ourselves on our ability to handle large orders. No order is too big!

Select The Number Of Filters

Filter Cleaning Service

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MXFS air filter cleaning service. Please select the quantity of filters you will be sending to begin your order.

This service only includes shipping back to you for now. Please send filters to 38372 Innovation Court Suite 303 Murrieta, CA 92563
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Rider Testimonials

Over The Years

For over the past decade the original DT1FilterService has cleaned filters for many of today’s well known figures of our sport. We thank all of you for your trust in our service and we look forward to growing and helping the future stars of our sport as MXFilterService