MXFS provides championship winning air filters

For over a decade MX Filter Service has cleaned air filters for many So-Cal professional race teams and iconic figures of our sport. We now have opened our services to everyone in North America. Just the simple step of mailing us your dirty filters is all you need to do to take advantage of the multi step process created and developed by professional SX/MX mechanics. We do all the dirty work for you!

Air filters done right!

MXFS filter cleaning service is a process created by professional mechanics that understand performance and longevity. Those principals stand out in our service as our results are proven and your air filters are guaranteed to last longer using our service vs. conventional methods like washing them in gasoline. Below we describe our past experiences using gasoline to wash our filters vs. our proven cleaning process that currently has return customers of 6+ years with the same filters.

We Never Use Harmful Gasoline

MXFS filter cleaning service uses the proper cleaning solutions that break down filter oils and dirt without damaging the filter. The filters go through a series of processes including oil breakdown & oil separating and multiple washes with detergents inside & out. Our team riders get multiple seasons out of there filters with our cleaning service.

We use filter safe solutions

Gasoline is extremely aggressive on air filters, often distorting their shape & structure, and over time ultimately breaking down the glue on the base of the filter, creating an opening for dirt to pass and damaging your motorcycle.

How It Works

Send Us Your Dirty Air Filters

Gather all your dirty air filters, create an order and send them to MXFS. We’ll handle the dirty work and you get your filters back ready to ride!

The Cleaning Service

MXFS cleaning service is a self contained and controlled cleaning environment. We use the proper cleaning solutions to clean air filters so that they will last for years. As well as a drying process in a controlled clean environment. And finally our custom oiling process before being individually bagged and returned to you.

Sent To Your Front Door

With MXFS you will receive YOUR air filters cleaned, oil’d and individually bagged for your personal use. A completely new way of viewing the dreaded filter prep of bike maintenance!

Rider Testimonials

Over The Years

For over the past decade the original DT1FilterService has cleaned filters for many of today’s well known figures of our sport. We thank all of you for your trust in our service and we look forward to growing and helping the future stars of our sport as MXFilterService